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July 7, 2012

I’ve read about link exchanges a whole lot lately. I’ve noticed a lot of people who say that their predictions that link exchanges would quit working saying that they were right, and that they do not function, and that they basically hurt your web-site.

Let’s quit right there. Proclaiming the death of link exchanges is but a bit premature.

I’m going to clear up a number of items. All link exchanges are not dead. Link exchanges as soon as implemented correctly can then again be exceptionally advantageous to your search engine rankings and can even drive visitors to your web site.

Before I let you know the right way to do it appropriate, let me let you know the best way to do it wrong. Any link exchanges promising hundreds or links right away upon joining have to be avoided unless the only search engine you care around is MSN (and even that could be ending soon). Exchanging links with each and every web-site below the sun is too bad. Using a link exchange as the only way you discover links will also not be a path you will need to wander down.

Okay, so these days that I’ve taken all the enjoyable out of it, let me let you know how to do it to ensure that you prevent any search engine penalties and really see your search engine rankings improve from link exchanges. First, come across service or software program that may enable you to manually seek and choose your partners. Second, as soon as you might be in, take your time. A few links here and several there. Third, be consistent around it. Exchanging links should be performed every week, or at the extremely least every month. You want the number of links to boost over time. Fourth, only trade links with web sites which are associated to yours. Also, be sure you go to the website that you are linking to, you don’t need to have to be linking to web sites that are junk unless you will need to be concept of as a junky internet site as well. Fifth, maintain the number of links to below 10% of the complete number of links pointing to your web page. That indicates you’re going to require other linking procedures, in spite of this that’s okay, you’ll find several out there and you have to be working with them all.

So these days that you are armed using the encounter of how to do link exchanges and stay in the very good graces of the search engines. So the next time a person begins proclaiming from their high horse around how link exchanges got them banned or hurt their rankings, merely maintain in mind that they had been most likely seeking to use shortcuts to come across artificially high search engines.

There are really a good deal of high-quality factors for sites to be linked to 1 one other, and also the search engines comprehend that. The factor the search engines don’t want to see is really a internet site that could only link to a internet site that may link to it. Make positive you’ve one way links pointing each into and out of your site additionally to your link exchanges and you may be in beneficial shape.


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